Zoning Jurisdiction Map

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Fremont Board of Zoning Appeals consists of 5 members appointed to 4-year terms by the Fremont Town Council. The composition of the Board is politically-sensitive and has one member from outside the town limits to represent citizens within the 2-mile zoning jurisdiction. The Board of Zoning Appeals reviews request for variances to developmental setbacks and special exceptions from the Town of Fremont Zoning Ordinance. Meetings are held as necessary as requests are made.

Board Members:
Ray Lauer, President
Melissa Wilcox, member
Kay Clark, member
Glen Wells, member
Keith Schaffer, member


Zoning: $25.00
Fence: $25.00
Road Cut: $35.00
Road Bond: $500.00*
Sidewalk: Free

*refundable after passing inspection

Plan Commission

The Fremont Plan Commission consists of 9 members appointed for 4-year terms by the Fremont Town Council. The composition of the Plan Commission is politically-sensitive with a representative number of members from each political party. Two members of the Plan Commission live outside the town limits representing citizens within the town's two mile zoning jurisdiction. The Fremont Plan Commission has 4 regularly-scheduled meetings per year in January, April, July, and October. The meetings are normally on the first Tuesday of these months unless a holiday is involved. The meetings are held at 6:00pm at the Fremont Town Hall. The Fremont Town Manager serves as the Zoning Administrator. The Town of Fremont issues Improvement Location Permits from its Zoning Administrator. The Town of Fremont contracts with Steuben County government to provide for the issuance of building permits and for follow up inspections. Permits are required for signs, fences, sidewalks, driveways and road cuts, new construction, decks, sheds and remodels from the Town of Fremont. If in doubt as to whether you may need a permit, call prior to beginning construction.

Commission Members:
Ray Lauer, President
Jessica Wendorf, Vice President
Kathy Parsons, Secretary
Steve Brown, member
Lori Crandall, member
Keith Schaffer, member
Susan Swager, member
Barry Wilcox, member


Town Of Fremont
PO Box 602
401 W Albion St.
Fremont, IN 46737
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Fax: (260) 495-2446

Town Hall Lobby Hours:
Monday through Friday