Jim Masters: Superintendent, Class II Operator License
Joseph Creager: Class II Operator License
Tony Cope: Lab Technician

"The Fremont Sewer Department has experienced an increasing problem with the new wipes that are out there being introduced into the system. These products while being labeled 'flushable' are not 'flowable' once they get into our collection system. These products do not breakdown when introduced into water like normal toiled paper due to the woven fibers. They then clog our collection pipes and our pumps causing your system to fail and back up. Please put these products into your trash and not your toilet. You have no idea how much we appreciate your help on this."

- Jim Masters, Superintendent

The Waste Water Plant receives an average of 333,385 gallons per day,
or 120 million gallons per year.
We drive an average of 11,642 miles per year as well.

Your Waste Water Department is committed to clean water.

Help us Help You: Please do not dump grease into your sewer.
Please do not flush your unused medicine into the sewer.

Town Of Fremont Waste Water
Located on Feather Valley Rd., across from the Fremont Moose
Fremont, IN 46737
(260) 495-9933
Fax: (260) 495-4243

For after hours emergencies,
call the Fremont Police Department

Waste Water Plant Hours:
Monday through Friday